Misc. DVDs CHEAP - (Muncie (Near BSU for sale in Muncie, Indiana

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I have a whole lot of DVDs that I just don't need anymore. My girlfriend and I moved in together and there was a lot of overlap.
I do not have the cases but they are priced accordingly. I am asking $3 per title but really I will take offers.
That being said though the more you buy the cheaper I will be willing to go. I really just want them gone and could use
the cash.
Just as a side note, the first person with a $50 bill can have them all and the mainstays case i keep them in. Thats a dollar a disc and a
free case.
Call or txt

* Many of these have the special features disc also
- Alfred Hitchcock 5 DVD set
- Batman Begins
- The Mummy
- The Mummy Returns
- Into the Wild
- Black Sheep
- Terminator 3
- I, Robot
- SNL Tribute to Chris Farley
- Hot Fuzz
- Die Hard
- Much Ado About Nothing
- King Kong (Newest Version)
- Edward Scissorhands
- The Village
- Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)
- Blood Diamond
- The Truman Show
- The Boondock Saints
- The Sandlot
- The Last Samurai
- The Island
- Sweeny Todd
- Superbad
- The Matrix (Trilogy)
- American Pie
- American Pie 2
- The Omen
- The Punisher
- Real Genius
- X Men (Trilogy)
- SNL Best of Steve Martin
- Pirates of the Caribbean 1
- Stand by Me
- Underworld
- Troy
- Unbreakable
- SNL Best of Jon Belushi
- Fight Club
Location: Muncie (Near BSU)